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About Me


My name is Tricia, a wife to a wonderful, devoted husband and a mother to two purposeful boys. I have been married for over seven years.


I am a SSW graduate, an Author and Publisher of a Children's Book 'My Furry Friend' (available on Amazon), a stay-at-home mom and on my spare time I plan and organize social events for kids. As a mother I spend majority of my time interacting with my kids. One of the most challenging decisions I had to make was giving up my job and devoting my entire time to ensuring my family needs are met. Looking back at where I came from and where I am now, I have no regrets or disappointment that this was the path I needed to take for the growth, advancement n overall well-being of myself and my family. 


I enjoy planning events that involve Kids exploring and engaging with each other while having fun. I enjoy travelling, baking, listening to music, writing, dancing, arts and crafts, family time, and exploring my creative side with my kids. Let's say my entire life is revolved around my tiny humans, and I love it

Thoughts on Parenting?

 Becoming a parent is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and one of the greatest blessings. Parenting is my drive; it motivates, encourages and challenges me to be the best person and parent possible. Parenting is not all rosy. It has its challenges, especially if you have to raise a child that is your twin. However, nothing beats the JOY my kids bring to my life and family. I love being a parent and feel very privileged and honoured to have the opportunity to dedicate my entire life to raising two purposeful boys. I am in love with my family and forever grateful to God for this blessing.

Why I Blog?

Blogging allows me to be descriptive about methods I have implemented to improve my parenting skills and overall well-being. I can be expressive to my readers and connect uniquely on sensitive and essential matters that resonate with other parents. Joy of parenting speaks volumes in a way that we all can learn, share experiences and laugh as we reflect on memories of our childhood and that of our present situation with our tiny humans. I hope it does the same for you. Most importantly, I blog to encourage my readers that no matter how difficult parenting may seem, we are not alone. Through it all, there is always a solution that will bring a positive outcome. But ultimately, there will always be a sense of Joy we get from parenting, no matter how stressful it may seem.

Be encouraged, find your inner peace and joy, knowing as parents, we are raising our kids to be confident, ambitious and booming individuals. 

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