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10 Activities To Keep Kids Engaged and Having Fun

Are you a parent who has been pondering back and forth for weeks trying to develop ideas on entertaining your kids during the holiday break? It's officially Christmas break for my kids, and all that's crowding my mind is how I will keep my kids occupied and entertained during the holiday. I can assist with this list of "10 Activities to Keep Kids Engaged and Having Fun".

First, it would be helpful to have a plan. Structure your day with a schedule. Have daily activities organized for each day as if they were still in school. The structure will also make it easier to transition back into a routine when school resumes.

10 Activities to Keep Kids Engaged and Having Fun

1. Bake Together.

Find some recipes online and start baking. It is sure to keep our little ones engaged and creates bonding time.

2. Outdoor Fun.

Get outside and have some fun. We spend a significant amount of our time indoors, and most times, kids resort to electronics, which minimizes the connection between everyone. Some winter fun activities are:

⦁ Tobogganing

⦁ Skating

⦁ Skiing

⦁ Snowboarding

⦁ Building a Snowman (Kids love building snowman, It's very time consuming and fun) or make snow angels.

**Tip: gather all materials needed to build a snowman and take it outside in advance (carrots, beans, scarfs, hats and gloves).

3. Arts and Craft.

Go to your local Walmart or Dollarama and pick up some supplies. Start using your imagination or let your kids lead. Paint murals, make last-minute holiday crafts or cards to give away.

4. Treasure Hunt.

This game is very time-consuming. It's exciting watching as the kids run around the house trying to find items on the list. Treasure hunt helps with your child's ability to think.

5. Play Board Games.

Another activity that is perfect for when you're stuck indoors is board games. An old-time classic that keeps everyone engaged and interacting while having fun. Examples of some board games that involve everyone are:

⦁ Monopoly

⦁ Checkers

⦁ Boggle

⦁ Scrabble (a classic word game)

⦁ Sorry

⦁ Snakes and ladder (kids favourite)

⦁ Twister

⦁ Card games (Eg. Go Fish, Matching, WAR)

6. Build a Forte.

Pull out all the blankets, sheets and pillow and turn your living room into an indoor camping ground. Get some holiday treats, hot chocolate with marshmallow on top, bring a few books to read and watch a movie to end the night.

7. Put on a Dramatic Play.

Dramatic plays will indeed have the kids being silly and entertained. Have your kids act out their favourite movie or characters by putting on a show. Make puppets and create a scene that'll further their imagination.

8. Make Playdough or Slime from scratch and use it in your pretend play. An interesting tip for easy clean up with slime is to add dawn soap, It works like a charm.

10. Build a Structure Using Legos or boxes.

Every parent's nightmare, but it does the trick as kids love being creative and building using Legos. Parents can also use old recyclable materials or boxes and build a pretend play house or any structure.

Most importantly, remember that the Holiday break is a time to come together as a family and create lifetime memories through interacting, engaging and having fun.

Seasons Greetings to All!


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