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10 Inexpensive Ways to Appreciate Your Mother on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a day we honor and celebrate all mothers for their love and sacrifice. The one day that we are encouraged to put aside time to show appreciation for the beautiful things our mother have done and the countless sacrifices they have made.

Every year we look for unique ways to honour our mothers and show how much we value and appreciate them. This year, Mother's Day is a little different. All the dinner dates, gatherings or social events that we used to engage in can no longer be enjoyed due to the pandemic. However, there are alternatives ways to celebrate your mom and show her how special she is. Here are 10 Inexpensive Ways to Appreciate Your Mother on Mother's Day.

10 Inexpensive Ways to Appreciate your Mom on Mother's Day.

1. Give Mom A Break. It has been busy in our household, and the pandemic has made it a lot harder for some mothers. Many moms have been stuck at home being an all-around superwoman. They are maintaining the household, ensuring kid's daily needs are met and now homeschooling one or more kids a day. Phew! With so many responsibilities this has been a challenging year for many. Therefore, Mother's Day would be a perfect day to give your mother a break by being more independent and completing a tasks without being asked.

2.Make a DIY Craft. A Mother's Day craft is a unique gift that shows your mother how much she is appreciated. It's cheap, fun, creative, interactive and simple. Pinterest has many awesome craft ideas. Home-made cards are also a great way to show your mom that you care.

3. Lighten your Mothers Load by Completing House chores. You can make Mother's Day a "Kitchen Duty-Free Day" or "Laundry Free Day". Older kids can take on the role of being the chef for the day or at a specific meal time. Younger kids may need assistance from dad or another adult in the house to help prepare a special meal. Adult kids living far away or unable to visit their mother due to social distancing orders; can prepare a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and do a surprise porch drop-off.

4. Make Edible Arrangements or Fruit Basket. A few years ago, I took on this fun activity. Go to the local grocery store, buy some fruits, vegetables and skewers, with a small teddy bear and other yummy treats to fill the basket. Try to include assortments of food that your mother likes to eat.

5. Give Your Mom a Spa Day or Gift Basket. Adult kids who are not living at home with their mother and are currently practicing social distancing, can make and drop off a spa/gift basket filled with; essential oils, bath salts, bath bomb, shower gels, face mask and body lotions. Here are few gift basket ideas from Pinterest.

6. Take the Load Off Your Mother by Providing Yard Service. Clean your mothers yard, plant some flowers or surprise her by mowing her lawn. If, for some reason, your unable to provide this service, you can hire someone to maintain her yard for the day or year. If lawn service is not for you, then you can buy a plant or a bouquet and drop it off on her porch.

7. Breakfast In Bed. I remembered last year; my husband had our kids bring me breakfast in bed. Being woken up by the people that mattered the most, made the day special, and the breakfast was the icing on top. It's an easy, simple and sweet way to show your appreciation and one less item on your mother's to-do list.

8. Cake Drop-Off. Cakes are a great way to celebrate a special occasion. You can either buy your mom her favorite cake from your local supermarket or bake one. if your mom does not like cake, you can bake brownies or cookies and drop it off at her house.

9. Have a Picnic Outside at a Local Park or in Your Backyard. Indoor picnics also works and is a fun activity for everyone. You can drop off a picnic basket with special treats. Set up a zoom meeting and have a picnic on live with your mother, while sharing stories and laughter's.

10. The pandemic has been especially difficult for the elderly. Put aside some time and call your elderly mother. Spend a few minutes or hours talking, reminiscing and sharing fond memories. If your mother is tech-savvy, You can even set up a live zoom meet and share childhood memories through photos. Elderly mothers would appreciate the time spent and enjoy the special moment.

Be creative, have fun and enjoy the time spent with your mother. Whether it be face to face, from a distance, or virtually, the quality time will be priceless and memorable. Just remember, however you choose to spend Mothers Day, make it a new experience that is unique and special for you and your mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful, devoted mothers. I hope you have a fabulous day.


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