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6 New Years Resolution Ideas to Thrive as a Family

It's the New Year, and what next?...

The new year is like a second chance to make things right, create new memories with our families, and shake off the bad habits. It is a time to reflect on the past experiences that have shaped us, into becoming the wonderful parents we are today. To grow and develop new skills through the set goals created to improve our current status and lifestyle. A new year means a new beginning, a new chance and a new opportunity to become better Individuals, parents and mentors for our kids. Create new year goals that involves the entire family.

"A family that plays together stays together." -unknown

6 New Years Resolution Ideas to Thrive as a Family

1. Create a Healthy Life Style.

After all, the Holiday eating, what better time to curve our eating habits than now. There are many ways a person can adjust their lifestyle to ensure it is healthy. First, start by providing the family with a well-balanced diet. Cutting back on junk foods and limiting sweet intake is the perfect way to start when trying to have a healthy lifestyle. Introducing more vegetables might be daunting for kids as they cringe at the thought of eating broccoli or green beans. It's tough to get a two-year-old to even look at vegetables, much less to eat them. Many parents I know would cut the veggies in tiny pieces and mix them in their food, so it is not noticeable. My 2yr old seems like he has veggie radar in his mouth as he can pick up on every unknown item on his plate and avoid eating the food altogether. However, figure out what works for your family. Putting vegetables in smoothies with lots of sweet fruits to drown out the vegetable's taste works like a charm for my son and I.

2. Exercise Together

When we think of exercise, most people associate it with lifting weights, going to the gym etc. However, exercise can mean anything from going for a walk, run or even hiking up hills. These are activities that include the entire family and is also child friendly. Going rollerblading or for a bike ride is also a fun and engaging activity for everyone. Having a competition with "who can ride around the block the fastest?" or completing a challenge together (obstacle course, 5k run)would make exercising fun, attainable and inclusive. 

3. Focus Mainly on The Positives.

Ensure to speak positivity in your household. Let it become a routine, that it becomes natural. Being positive by uplifting our children helps them develop positive self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. Positivity would also help us as adults reframe our minds and grow in areas that we lack, making us happier and less stressed.

4. Schedule Family Time

We get so busy and caught up with work and school life that we sometimes neglect to spend time together. TAKE A BREAK. Create a schedule that involves spending quality time together as a family. Pick a day or two out of the month that works for every family member and stick to it. Be consistent and allow this time to focus on knowing more about each other, building a bond, developing new traditions and creating memories.

5. Less Screen Time and Unplug

Electronics have entirely taken over our minds. We are so addicted that we don't even notice how it's Controlling our life and how we communicate. Set aside a day or a few hours without electronics. No phones, computers, iPad or tv. Turn it all off. It is healthy to unwind and disconnect ourselves from the electronic world, to enjoy the most important people in our lives. Unplugging will allow the family to spend quality time together communicating, laughing and connecting as human beings are supposed to. Play games, have family discussion nights where everyone shares something about themselves or their day. Our rule is no electronics during dinner time in my household, and this works for us to connect and unwind from a busy day.

Here are a few examples of things you can do during the unplugging time as a family.

• Read a novel together and have an open discussion.

• Cook together

• Have a karaoke night

• Games Day/night (charades, board games, hide and seek etc.)

• Go outside for a walk, hiking or play sports and enjoy the fresh air.

• Look at your family album or pictures and reminisce about old times while sharing stories and waves of laughter.

6. Encourage Independence.

Assign a specific task for each member of the household. Provide the resources that'll guide your kids to become useful in society. Teach kids to be responsible individuals by allowing them to complete activities and choirs that are age appropriate. It's an essential skill for growth and confidence building. They can become self-efficient and develop their sense of purpose.

***Remember to have fun, be engaged and create lifetime memories while working on improving your lifestyle as a family.


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