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9 Fathers Day Activities to Enjoy with your Dad

Father's Day is a time to show appreciation to the man that has been a superhero in your life. A special day to put aside and honour your father for all his hard work, dedication and love he has bestowed upon the family.

A father biblically is called to be a protector and leader of the family. He provides the proper guidance, love, and support to aid in raising successful individuals. A father's role is vital for the child's emotional and physical development. They provide a certain level of security that brings comfort to a family. A father's role is essential in the family system, but the role of a dad is consistent and serves a lifetime. Father's deserve to be celebrated, appreciated and loved for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Thus, we celebrate all the fathers, step-father's, grandfather's and God father's with "9 Father's Day Activities to Enjoy with your Dad".

9 Fathers Day Activities to Enjoy with your Dad.

1. Make DIY cards for your dad. It is extra special when you make a card. The time and effort put into the card brings value. What is also beautiful about homemade cards is that the words are written from the heart. It is unique and special For both you and dad.

2. Watch your father's favourite sport. The dad in our house loves basketball. So the basketball channel is a regular image on our tv. Alternatively, spend quality time with dad relaxing on the couch with snacks while enjoying his choice of tv shows if sports is not your dads interest.

3. Make Father's Day Vouchers. Give your dad a voucher for a day of fun activities. Dad will enjoy being pampered for the day.

Example of things to put on the voucher:

  • This voucher is good for a back rub

  • This voucher is good for a game of basketball

  • This voucher is good for daddy-daughter/son time

  • This voucher is good for one hour of uninterrupted rest.

4. Help your dad fix something around the house. Try to get involved by taking on a task alongside dad (assigned by dad). Younger kids can watch and cheer dad on as he shuffles around fixing things or help by passing the tools. This is a fun activity to enjoy with dad as kids love Helping out. They are learning new skills like problem-solving along the way. It is a great memory that will last forever.

5. Wash the car with your dad or for your dad. However, washing the car together is an opportunity to bond and create memories.

6. Buy your father his favourite snack/treat, or you can bake his favourite cake. Alternatively, making breakfast or dinner is an excellent way to show appreciation. Younger kids may need help from mom or an adult. Dad's love a good home-cooked meal (at least the dad in our house does).

7. Do a DIY project with your dad. Build something together. Maybe your father has been working on a project that needs completing. Help him with that project or build something new for a keepsake.

8. Have one-on-one time with your dad by engaging in his favourite activity or games. You can make it competitive. My kids love to compete and wrestle with their dad. They compete to see who is the strongest or the best. Dads especially feel proud to teach their kids new skills while engaging in play.

9. Put on a comedy show, play, or sing a song for dad to enjoy. The dad in our house loves music, so this would be fun for him to engage with the kids. You could also tell some knock-knock jokes to have some fun and laughter. Father's love a good joke.

However you decided to celebrate fathers day, have fun and create some beautiful memories with your dad.


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