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How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

Image by: Chris Benson

It's the most wonderful time of the year! A season to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ. As Christmas fast approaches and some of us are still trying to figure out ways to bring the spirit alive in our homes, I have put together "11 Ways to Get the Family Into the Christmas Spirit". These ideas are cheap and fun to help spruce up our kids and get the family involved in making the season festive and joyous. Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus' birth, to give to others, bond with our families and create lifetime memories.

11 Ways to Get the Family Into the Christmas Spirit.

1. Put up your Christmas Tree.

Nothing starts the Christmas holiday more festive than having a Christmas tree up. The lights, ornaments, and beautiful bright decorations are sure to put your family in the Christmas spirit.

2. Christmas Advent Calendar.

An Advent Calendar is to count the days leading to Christmas. You can either buy one or be creative and make one. It's a fun and exciting way to get your kids in the Christmas spirit with little treats each day leading up to Christmas day.

Advent Calendar made from paper towel roles, filled with treats to count down the days till Christmas.
DIY Advent Calendar.

3. Watch Christmas Movies.

Get some treats, Christmas cookies, popcorn, whatever your taste buds desire, snuggle up on the couch with the family and enjoy some classic Christmas movies. A childhood memory for me was Home Alone. My family and I must have watched Home Alone over a million times.

• Home Alone

• How The Grinch Stole Christmas

• The Christmas Chronicles

• The Polar Express

• Elf

• Arthurs Christmas

4. Build a Ginger Bread House.

Go to Walmart, buy a pre-made ginger bread box. Or should you be in the mood for baking, look up recipes on google or Pinterest and start building that delicious gingerbread house with your kids. One of my favourite baking sites is sally's baking addiction ( There are recipe instructions and plenty of pictures to guide you during the entire baking process. Remember, it can get messy with younger kids; but, they love baking and being their parent's little helper. My son loves making a gingerbread house as he spends most of the time eating the candies while I build. It has become a yearly tradition that we look forward to as a family.

Gingerbread House (Purchased at Walmart)

5. Bake Christmas Cookies.

You can involve the entire family by having the kids bake or decorate cookies or let them be the tasters. They would never refuse. After all, it is sweet and sugary.

6. Make Holiday Cards.

Tap into your creative side and save money by making your holiday cards. There's no wrong or right way to make a holiday card. My son has created a few Christmas cards to distribute to his family and friends that he's very proud of, making it unique and memorable.

7. Play Christmas Songs.

Music speaks to my heart. Turn on some positive, uplifting Christmas carols and have the family sing and dance around while engaging in some family fun games.

Christmas Playlist:

• Jingle Bells

• Frosty the Snowman

• 12 Days of Christmas

• Deck The Halls

• Silent Night

• Oh Christmas Tree

• Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

• Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

• Take a Walk to Christmas

• Joy to the World

• All I Want for Christmas Is You

• We Wish You a Merry Christmas

8. Give to Others, Donate or Volunteer.

Teach your kids kindness and the act of giving by donating or providing toys to those less fortunate. Instill the notion that giving and sharing is an act of kindness. You can donate toys to a hospital, your local shelter (Salvation Army and Goodwill), Sponsor a family that might be having a difficult time this season or Volunteer to serve food at the nearest shelter. Another simple but fun and engaging game for kids to partake in is "Secret Santa." It teaches kids to be generous by giving to others on Christmas Day.

9. Watch the Magical Christmas Lights.

Take your kids for a car ride to see the Magical Christmas Lights. This activity is fun, relaxing and does not require much hassle; well, that's if you don't mind driving and going at a slow pace. Together the family can take in the beauty of the Christmas lights and decorations while enjoying each other's company. These are moments that your kids will cherish.

10. Make DIY Decorations.

Allow your kids to explore their creative side. Make some Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree or to hang around the house. The kids will enjoy the family bonding and take pride in seeing their crafts utilized; it is also a unique way to build their confidence.

Santa bag ( Walmart), Elf on the Tree, Snowman, Avenger Christmas Tree, Christmas Wreath
Christmas Decorations.

11. Take your Kids to a Church Concert or Celebration.

Christmas is the date to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The best place to take your kids to understand the true meaning of Christmas is Church. Many churches have concerts and plays that re-tells the story of Jesus's birth. It is also a great place to give thanks and Reflect on Jesus, the real reason for the Christmas season.

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